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Hang and Dress Eyelet Curtains

Hanging Instructions

Dress Eyelet Curtains
Eyelet curtains are hung straight from the pole and do not require any hooks or rings so remove these from your pole before you begin.

Holding the curtain with the face towards you thread the first eyelet onto the pole. Continue by threading the rest of the eyelets onto the pole.


Dressing Your Curtains

hang and dress eyelet curtains
It can take time to hang curtains and pelmets to a professional standard but it’s well worth it.

Begin by pulling the curtains back to ensure the space between each eyelet is even. The curtain will naturally fall into pleats. Starting from the top gently smooth each pleat down. For full length curtains continue to follow the fold down to about a third of the way down and tie a strip of fabric around the curtain just tight enough to hold it in place.

Leave the pleats tied in position for 48 hours or longer if possible. This gives the curtain time to develop an attractive drape.

Care and Cleaning your curtains

Made to order products are dry clean only and should be cleaned only by a specialist.

To lengthen the time between cleaning and to prevent dust from becoming ingrained into the fibres, vacuum your products regularly using the correct soft furnishings attachment. Alternatively, hang out on the line on a blowy day.

If you have a set of curtains, pelmet, or blinds always clean them together. This helps to avoid colour variation over time.