Measuring for Blinds

When measuring for your made to measure blinds it’s important to get the measurements correct so please read through all instructions before measuring. Alternatively, why not use our free Made to Measure Consultancy Service.

Recess or External

Blinds may be fitted inside or outside a window recess. It is necessary to fit the blind outside of the recess if;

  • The recess if less than 7.5cm deep
  • The window opens inwards
  • The window is not straight (width or height varies by ore than 2cm)

Measuring to fit inside recess

  • Measure the width (wall to wall) and the drop in at least three positions taking into account anything that would stop your blind rolling down.
  • Make a note of the smallest width and drop measurements – these are your recess measurements

inside recess measuring graphic

Measuring to fit outside a recess

Measure for the width and drop – we recommend that you allow the blind to extend approximately 10cm either side and 10cm above and below the window recess.

measuring guide outside recess

Measuring Tips

  • Always use a metal measuring tape and measure in millimeters.
  • Double check your measurements.

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