Measuring for Curtains

Please find below a guide on measuring for curtains.  Alternatively, why not use our free Made to Measure Consultancy Service.

Styling Your Curtain

The style and impact of your curtains will be determined by several factors.

  • Fabric – The design and type of fabric
  • Heading – Pencil Pleat / Pinch Pleat / Eyelet / Tab Top
  • Curtain Drop – Sill length, below the sill, floor length
  • Choosing track or pole

These four factors will determine the appearance and style of your curtain.

Measuring Width

When measuring for curtains never measure the window always measure just the track or pole.

We recommend that any track or pole should be 15 – 30cm either side of the window to allow the curtains to be pulled back from the window when opened.

Measuring for Track
Measure the full length of the track.

Measuring for Pole
Measure the pole length, not including the end pieces.

Measuring Length

Pencil/Pinch Pleat
The drop measurement should be taken from the top of the track or the bottom of the ring.

The drop measurement should be taken from the top of the pole. Please ensure you add 3cm to the drop for the fabric allowance visible above the pole.

Deciding the length of your curtains
Deciding on the length of your curtains is down to personal preference, however there are three basic lengths.
measuring graphic

  • A. Sill length – The curtain should be approximately 1 cm above the sill.
  • B. Below the sill length – The curtain should be 15cm below the sill OR 3cm above the radiator.
  • C. Floor length – The curtain should be 2.5cm above the floor

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